Algorythm - Behind The Clouds EP


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Release Date: 2nd February 2018

Berlin based Algorythm announces 'Behind the Clouds' EP on Neptune Records. The EP is the second to come from Neptune Records with his debut 'Santos Express' marking the inception of the label. Opener A1 'How I Bust That A** Up' is a raw stomping house banger rich with giddy profanities rolling throughout. Switching production styles Alogrythm takes a more gentle approach enveloping bubbling aquatic techno with depth charged house on 'Pearls'. 'Big Beat Repeat' is a self-explanatory ear-worm and title track 'Behind the Clouds' rounds the EP nicely with cascading synths nodding to the likes of Crash Course in Science.

a1. How I Bust That A.. Up

a2. Pearls

b1. Big Beat Repeat

b2. Behind The Clouds