Jesse Royal & Jovi Rockwell – Mash Me Up / Version


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Released 16th September 2016

Since their dazzling debut album "Urban Roots", a small recording label outta Half Way Tree has released some of the most prominent forward thinking roots music on to the reggae music scene. Now we are thrilled to present some of our favourites from the album on vinyl format featuring key artists from currently ongoing reggae revival movement such Dre Island, Jesse Royal, Jovi Rockwell, Keida and Mikey General split between four beautifully cut 7" records.

“Mash Me Up” sees an appearance of Jesse Royal, a young rasta singer who has previously been featured on Major Lazer projects and causing a buzz in the scene with releases for Over Stand Ent., Biggy, Notis and more. Here he collaborates with US based female singer Jovi Rockwell on an irie and bass heavy shaker.

a. Jesse Royal & Jovi Rockwell – Mash Me Up

b. Jesse Royal & Jovi Rockwell – Mash Me Up Version