SB81 - Headspace [12" In Printed Sleeve]


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Released 29th June 2018

With the completion and imminent release of Blocks & Escher’s debut album for Metalheadz, the duo turn their attention firmly back to their own label and kick off a stream of releases for 2018.

Narratives is proud to present this single from one of Blocks & Escher favourite artists, SB81. Shaun Bateman aka SB81 has released on labels across the Drum and Bass scene, in most recent years on the Metalheadz camp and crowned an amazing 2017 with his remix of J Majiks seminal classic “It’s Yours”.

SB81’s debut for Narratives, once again combines the artists passion for late 90s authenticity with the production of today. A producer who wears his influences on his sleeve, the A Side here draws on a time when austere tech drums effortlessly danced amidst whirling organic strings,stabs and synth roars.

The flip side offers an ear catching display in rhythm experimentation, subversion and broad strokes of colour. At times claustrophobic, at times dense but on occasion drenched in hopeful strings and emotion. A track to lose oneself in and to raise questions - a notion only enforced by the repeated vocal line, asking “Who are you?”..

a. Headspace

b. Who Are You