Shcuro - Echoplexia


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Release Date: 26th February 2021

Kicking things off with a lot of finesse and power, EP opener "Far Out" merges Digital Mystikz dub hauntologies with the UK-centric breakbeat styles of Leftfield circa "Africa Shox". Lift-off comes in the shape of the second track "Temptation", a number that's sure to nail ravers down to the ground of many a discerning techno moshpit; dub echoes mingling with cavernous clangs, Detroit pads and elegant beats roll over tons a' relentless bass. A3 cut "Bassforce" brings in the LFO-style creepy strings to good use while technoid, broken riddims erupt in a way that references golden age dubstep, jungle and raw T++ tunes. 

Swaying all expectations thus far, fourth track  "Drowned" sends us into shiny anxiolytic bliss, with its crunched-down beats, dripping-wet soul samples and Maria Amor's dreamy textural vocals. Label mum-sweetie Violet takes a left turn into metallic electro rambunction with sub-bass wobbles, trancey stacks of synths and a breezy sense of melody. Closing down the EP in the best possible way, we've got none other than naive's main girl - and utter twitter champion - Ilana Bryne also on the remix, condensing a liquid breakbeat roller that sounds like the offspring of LTJ Bukem and Wookie; meditative and atmospheric airs of hope and mystery float over lean, funky kicks, snares and subs, irradiating healing vibes galore.

a1. Shcuro - Far Out

a2. Shcuro - Temptation

a3. Shcuro - Bassforce

b1. Shcuro - Drowned (ft Maria Amor)

b2. Shcuro - Far Out (Violet Remix)

b3. Shcuro - Bassforce (Ilana's Rollin' Remix)