FFF - Myor Massiv 05


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The 5th Myor Massiv release also marks FFF's 3rd outing for the label. No split this time, but a full 4 track solo ep by the Dutch Amen manipulator extraordinaire. No time for funny business on this one. FFF takes you straight into moody sci-fi territory and heavy yet intricate choppage on “It Began In Man's Mind”, followed by “We Sleep”, on which he takes a slightly less throat-cut approach, slowly building things up to a dark hoover climax. “Would D Think It's Smooth Enough” displays a beautiful mish mash of slick sounding synth stabs, 808 Juke drums and break beats. Dedicated to Dyanko. The ep is finished off in style with “Murder Comet”, which kicks off with a loud and clear clash message to all soundboys out there, followed by a spot of smoothness, only to take a turn for the worse again after about a minute or so, before all mayhem is finally unleashed via a set of mentasm stabs halfway through the tune. No prisoners, no mercy..


a1. It Began In Man's Mind

a2. We Sleep

b1. Would D Think It's Smooth Enough?

b2. Murder Comet