V/A - Machine Soul [Ltd Edition 12" White Vinyl]


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Released 27th November 2015

"Synthesizer is like a small animal stuck somewhere inside the machine" - Timo Kaukolampi, K-X-P
Machine Soul is a documentary film about Finnish electronic musicians. It is a glance at the methods, rituals and philosophy behind the music, but most of all at the burning passion that drives the artists forward year after year. Machine Soul tells the story of Finnish electronic music scene from the artists's point of view.
Many of the artists are virtually unknown in their home country, but have a significant fan base outside Finland. Machine Soul is a tribute to the pioneers and newcomers of Finnish electronic music. Director Tero Vuorinen got the idea for the film during his film school days over ten years ago. The dream came to fruitition when production finally started in 2014.
The first screening of Machine Soul documentary took place at the Turku Modern Festival in July 2015. Machine Soul will also be shown at music and film festivals in Finland and around the world in association with Music Finland and Genelec. Music Finland is a statefunded organization in charge of exporting and promotiong Finnish music. Genelec is a award-winning Finnish manufacturer of professional active loudspeakers for audio and movie production.

a1. Jori Hulkkonen - Crashcourse in Violence

a2. Randy Barracuda & Stiletti-Ana - Mlipuke (Live Automation Mixxx)

b1. Hannu Ikola - Tall Buildings

b2. Mono Junk - Looking For