Romansoff - Infinite Dreams


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A1 – Beyond the Shelf: The first track on the EP starts us off with a drifty spatial house affair, showcasing a blissed out dream like atmosphere. The synth sounds range from the deeper side of things to the slightly more urgent. Soft stab sounds are accompanied with distorted rising fx, the blend of which is mesmerising. Beats have a nice shuffle to them and give a positive groove to the track. Solid kick drums, crisp hats and percussive additives add a certain swing. The bass has a wonderfully uplifting style and really completes this great opener from Romansoff.

A2 – Infinite Dreams: Being drawn into something musically hypnotic is always a pleasant experience, this is the case with the title track Infinite Dreams. The synth elements form into a very cyclic blend of spaced out deepness that draws you into the depth of the tune. The beats also help in this regard, the simple but effective combination of kick, hat and clap really drive the track forward. An extra dusting of other percussive parts all add to the 'pulling you into something' feeling that you get with this track. Bass follows along with the main parts and works as a foundation of the groove. So far so good with this rekid.

B1 – Seven Sins: Seven Sins goes down a more dance floor focused path with its almost Energy Flash type groove. It conjures up memories of the great Beltram classic as far as beat structure goes. The obvious difference here is that this has more of a focus on depth of sound rather than an all out rave leg crazed frenzy. The soundscape used does have energy but its done in a softer less abrasive way. Smooth pad sounds take the lead without being to drifty or ambient, they do have a calming feel but without going into the realms of the mega chilled out.

B2 – She Forgives: The final track on the EP closes off with a thought provoking piece. Notice the electro sounding snare standing out amongst the other rhythms within the beats. The groove is simple to follow, giving time for the sounds of the track to work their magic. Flicking chord changes on this track are really cool and have an addictive quality. Stab sounds following the chord changes emphasise the tonal shift and give something more for the ear to latch onto.

Infinite Dream is a superb EP that Romansoff has put together, and really follows on from the previous triumphs that the Mork label has put out. Obviously it’s a no brainer as far as collectors of this label are concerned. If you are new to the label, then try and check the previous releases out as they do not disappoint.

a1. Romansoff - Beyond The Self

a2. Romansoff - Infinite Dreams

b1. Romansoff - Seven Sins

b2. Romansoff - She Forgives