Leyden Jars - Heat Death (Cassette)


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Released 22nd July 2016

Leyden Jars curdled sound palette is the product of shredding time-lapse ones, twos & in some cases threes out of a Hackney penthouse basement...ground flaw...a wall of Havana circuitry as a foil to voltage-controlled Oyster cards...half-Glass Isle, half-unknown quantity...the sound of untended vessels spewing o’er in coils of electro-acoustic froth...IBM

1. 7am, 30°

2. Embers

3. Foreground/Background

4. 10pm, 32°

5. Collision

6. Scorch Song

7. 1am, 27°

8. Entanglement Achieved at Room Temperature

9. Burnt Ritual

10. Origins of Order

11. The Heat of Darkness

12. An Island Tale