Various Artists - Steppin' Forward 2 [3x12"]


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Release Date: 29th November 2019

After over five years since we've released the first chapter, we are nearly ready to drop "Steppin' Forward" 2, which will be our final release of 2019. This time the compilation includes 16 previously unreleased tracks from 27 artists and will be out on the 29th of November across 3x12" vinyl and digital.

a1. Baodub ft. Jahvorem - Heavy

a2. D-Operation Drop - Lockdown

b1. Dubbing Sun & Blue Hill ft. Kali Green - Filtering Lies

b2. Halcyonic & G Roots Meets Digid ft. Vale - Enchanted Dub

b3. JahYu - Empowerment

c1. Lapo - Legalize VIP

c2. iSt3p - Steamroller

d1. Blind Prophet - Righteous Stepper

d2. WuduB!? & Irieginal Nutty Tree ft. Ras Tinny - Give Thanks

d3. Kandee ft. Pijule - Apu Taita Waira

e1. Professor Skank ft. Danman - Jah

e2. Adam Prescott - Outernational Dub

e3. 6blocc ft. General Jah Mikey - Too Rude

f1. Teffa - Coca

f2. Tetrad - Kiwi Dreams

f3. Frenk Dublin - Statement

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