Dubdadda - Got to Be a Warrior (Radikal Guru Remix) / Give Dub (Zion Train Remix) [Repress]


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Dubdadda, throughout the reggae world more commonly known as Jono, is the founding member of the renowned Community Charge and main vocalist of the British Zion Train ensemble. His previously released ‘Lo-Fi Pon De Hi-Fi’ out on Moonshine Recordings is one of the albums that continues to have a big impact on us.

After presenting this great piece of dub history on our imprint, we’re proud to announce that we’re housing two ground shaking remixes from our hefty imprint familiars Radikal Guru and Zion Train. These reworks show off Dubdadda‘s original sound with additional forwardthinking, dubwise flavours.

Radikal Guru’ strikes the right chord with his version of ‘Got To Be A Warrior’ through dub-esque melodica, a soulful ballad dedicated to Jah and deeply rooted sub pulses. The endowing parts of Dubdadda’s original cut are unbroken and maintained, allowing the Polish producer to extra shine light on this historical piece of dub music. The peaceful message being looped without intermissions will remind listeners of the producers’ commitment to untouchable sound system music.

Zion Train’s interpretation on the B-side follows a similar drum pattern that ends in a completely refreshing avenue of dub. The British ensemble nails their version by carrying out easing reggae chords, gentle delay FX and an excursion through bassline meditation. The lovegiving chant forms the centerpiece of this relaxing stepper, which pays homage to Dubdadda’s original tale. Re-joining Zion Train’s vocal section makes the band’s version a positive force to be reckoned with that breaths ‘soul for sound’.

Words by Signalfire

a. Dubdadda - Got To Be A Warrior (Radikal Guru Remix)

b. Dubdadda - Give Dub (Zion Train Remix)