Silvershower - Ice Fractions 1 Remixes


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Released 9th September 2016

The third release on Pooledmusic’s techno-focused sister imprint Montage welcomes back Silvershower, revisiting the debut release of Ian Pooley’s techno alias on its 20th anniversary. The original Ice Fractions 1 EP arrived on Plus 8 Records when Richie Hawtin & John Aquqaviva’s legendary label was at the height of its powers, and showcased a tougher edge to Pooley’s productions. Two decades later Pooley is still maintaining his high standards, revisiting and updating past work in the form of reissues & remixes and issuing fresh original material such as his recent Turakina EP on Pooledmusic and the return of Silvershower last year. which marked Montage’s launch This new edition of the first Ice Fractions 12″ supplies the two original lead tracks and an updated 2016 remix of each by Pooley himself, satisfying both those aiming for the vintage 1996 techno sound, and those looking for a punchy update for modern techno cathedrals.

a1. Ice Fractions 1A (Remix)

a2. Ice Fractions 1A (1996 Original)

b1. Ice Fractions 1B (Remix)

b2. Ice Fractions 1B (1996 Original)