Moderat - Eating Hooks (Live)


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Release Date: 3rd October

The Berlin trio Moderat released their third full-length on the first day of April 2016. Simply titled "III" it was said to be "graced by [...] an attention to songcraft that goes beyond what the trio has offered before" and "a resounding realization of what Moderat is and can be: a band you can relate to, not just a beat you can bob to", by Resident Advisor and Pitchfork, respectively. Critical accolades aside, everyone seems to be in agreement - the act's triennial opus is a veritable victory lap. Gernot Bronsert’s & Sebastian Szary's jocular, bass-anchored eclecticism as Modeselektor always superbly complemented Sascha Ring’s delicate, meticulous avant-pop as Apparat. This was, and still is most apparent on „III“’s opening track, „Eating Hooks“. Not since 2013’s „Bad Kingdom“ was there a more soaring, more lilting electronic ballad for us heads to call our own. Atop a syncopated, elegantly skeletal beat, sometimes offset by deeply visceral LFO bass, sometimes punctuated by haunting acoustic artefacts, sometimes awash with enveloping shoegaze fuzz. Ring’s harmonized crooning unfurls, effortlessly hybridizing into falsetto and/or belting, as needed. With breathtaking precision, he navigates unobvious melisma and alternates between straight singalong timing and passionately percussive swing. A masterful economy of meter is achieved – every syllable is made to count, and the afferent lyrics follow suit. Poetry that might’ve seemed trite if sung by a less accomplished performer is rendered into a penetrating discourse on the internal politics of addiction. 

a1. Eating Hooks (Live)