Marsman - New Kind of Purple [CD Edition]


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Marsman started making hiphop beats in 2005. Pretty soon he found that making solely hiphop beats was a limitation he had to get rid of and that’s when the basis of Marsman’s music was born: No genres. He developed a foundation in experimentation and started exploring new niches – without going into a genre too deep to remain unique and to keep surprising himself with sounds and rhythms he had never heard before. That is the second rule in Marsman’s music: He makes music for himself – as an expression of the (sub)conscious. In all his 15+ previous, mostly self-released, EP’s you can clearly hear the development of his mindstate often going through feels of manic, chaotic and restless auditive experiments. Marsman has also been lucky enough to explore this experimental stage of composing and producing music by attending Utrecht’s School of Music & Technology for some years. Though, this stage of experimentation will, in some way, never end. There is no end goal and there is only development to be unfolded.

New Kind of Purple only just recently Marsman concluded that his main goal in music is to communicate his mind-states through the meditative powers of frequencies. He chose to take the time to be more conscious about what the music will communicate, instead of communicating his tracks that only rising from the subconscious. 

The album has a lot more depth , tranquillity and imagination to it when compared with his earlier work.

The first effects of this insight are represented in this 45 minute long trip through memories, possibilities and personal realities. There’s no definition of what it ís about – it just is, like most things in life, completely open for interpretation.

1. Ego & Death

2. The Bells

3. Fragile Dissociation

4. Mask

5. Swim in it

6. Incarnation

7. Alone.default

8. It is circular

9. Shuttle twenty three

10. Crow at the end

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