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FilosofischeStilte (literally translated PhilosophicalSilence) also known as Luuk Graham was nicknamed the Philosopher by his parents. “I used to ask a lot of questions which had no answers.” Luuk recalls. “The Silence part comes from the fact that I am a man of few words.”

FilosofischeStilte sound can be best described as retro-futuristic synth-science 8-bit style combined with arpeggiated riffs. The FilosofischeStilte sound is an unique take on instrumental experimental West coast Beats.

During the course of last year FilosofischeStilte has played all over Europe. He has been listed at some high profile festivals like Down the Rabit Hole, Pitch and Rewire. At these festivals he shared the stage with artists like Le1f, Flume, Quadron, Kaytranada, Cyril Hahn and many more. 

FilosofischeStilte - Munch Palace Vol. 1 (& 2)

After releasing his Home Grown EP for Saturate he returns to Lowriders for 2 EPs divided in 2 independent releases collectable in 1 sleeve.

For his latest releases on Lowriders he has increased the richness of his sound but kept the space he is well known for in his sound.

Munch Palace: The Story

Munch Palace is the name of a night shop which was around the corner of Luuk’s home. “It’s a very convenient store with overpriced supermarket products, but mainly not very nutritious products. And I don’t get why the shop had fluorescent lighting.”

The night shop became a part of the inspiration for this EP. “It was the place I went to get some crisps, candy, beer or anything that gave me the feeling I was at least enjoying my leisure time. I wanted to detach myself from the group of homies who all were to much interested in doing huge amounts of drugs and parties.”

Even though Luuk gets that this behaviour is inherent to his generation but at the same time he just felt out of place being around them. “I was just sitting there while they were telling stories about the huge heap of coke on a table somewhere or the 100,000 pills they took. It was so absurd that I could only laugh it away while I didn’t feel awkward being around them at the same time. They are good people but I just wasn’t on that same level.”

To get rid of his frustration FilosofischeStilte decided to put that energy into his music. The tracks you hear on Munch Palace are all born from that frustration which at the same renewed Luuk’s focus to expose and evolve his fresh and unique sound.

Munch Palace Vol.1 is part of a series split in two vinyl releases and a digi EP.

Vol.1 is 3 original tracks combined with on the flip 2 amazing remixes by LA producer Co.fee and Rotterdam based producer Dagger DX. Both take the work from Luuk to another level: Banger to the max.

a1. Adjust

a2. Note

a3. Brain Trapped pt.2

b1. Brain Trapped (Co. fee remix)

b2. People Are Acting Like (Dagger DX Remix)