Little Harada - Worries & Problems / I Want To Rap With You [7" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 10th December 2021

Rhythm Discs! a brand new label dedicated to re-issuing lost gems is excited to announce the re-release of Digi-Dancehall rarity Little Harada's 'Best of Me' a much sought after LP that was produced and released by Sonny 'Sabwackie' Ochiai for Japan's Tachyon Productions - the legendary Dancehall label loosely associated with Wackies in New York. Here we kick things off with a 7 inch pre-release single featuring 2 highlights from the LP that best represent it's sought after vibes; Worries & Problems + I Want To Rap With You.

a1. Little Harada - Worries & Problems

b1. Little Harada - I Want To Rap With You