Roy Mills - Local Knowledge 002 [10"]


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Release Date: 20th May 2022

Roy Mills readies a whirlwind trio of bass-bin-rattling tracks for his Local Knowledge label.

This is the third full solo release for Roy, who turns in a set of genre-spanning, sound design heavy cuts - channelling his twisted, thrilling take on dance music.

Leading the A1 is ‘Chinchilla’, a weighty tripped out stepper with mind-bending basslines, bubbling synths, and sharp stuttering drums taking charge.

Following is the low slung mutant ‘My Safeword is Dolphin’, a tongue in cheek break up song that serves up wonky percussion, vocal chops, and uneasy bleeps, fragmenting between dance floor tension and prog-matic might.

The 10 inch release settles it’s vibrations below the surface, ending with ‘Aquatiqué’. Gentle, reverberated drums work in tandem with spacious, considered sound design for a comparatively calm but no less club relevant closer to the EP.

The record comes complete with an AR interactive 70 x 48cm Offset printed poster, printed inserts, stickers + special treats.

Keep The Peace™ 2022

A1. Chinchilla

B1. My Safeword is Dolphin

B2. Aquatiqué