Nikki Nair - Shufflin’


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Release Date: 17th December 2021

Nikki Nair is fast becoming one of the most diverse and forward-thinking artists in electronic music, flying the flag for increasingly hybridized methods and doing it your own way. His sound is inimitable and cannot be defined; readily bottling a multitude of emotions in a relatively short space of time.

Nikki’s meteoric rise has come in the form of eclectic releases like his ‘More is Different’ EP on Dirtybird to the downright filthy and party-starting ‘Trying To’ on Bristol’s Scuffed Recordings - Influenced by anything from Detroit techno, to lush ambient soundscapes and Florida breaks. The Knoxville born, Atlanta based producer continues his journey through shape shifting universes on his debut for Lobster Theremin, with five different but equally impressive tracks.

‘ Shufflin’ kick starts the EP in Nikki’s signature, unpredictable style; as squelchy bass-lines growl at heavily swung drums and low pitched vocal loops, before ‘WWC’ - an off-kilter minimal stepper, walks the tight-rope between entropy and synchronized dance.

‘ ‘I Can’t Stop’ meanders from kinky bass & breaks, to deconstructed dubstep and trap; causing more facial expressions in six minutes than ever thought possible. Nair’s hybridized methods continue to shine through in ‘Yoland And His Tortoise’ - a trippy and colourful dream told through nuance in sound. The EP then closes off with the laid-back grooves of ‘Urquoise’ - a hypnotising ritual best practiced in nature.

A1. Shufflin’


B1. I Can’t Stop

B2. Yolan and His Tortoise

B3. Urquoise