Jai Dee - Timeless Fantasies Of An Altered State


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Release Date: 26th November 2021

Glaswegian producer Jai Dee follows up from his hard-hitting debut on 1Ø Pills Mate with a devastatingly beautiful and visceral blend of breaks, jungle and emotive leaning electronica. Opening track ‘Coming Up Again’ covers a range of responses over it’s seven minute duration; from it’s front-running introduction, radiating keys and its finale, featuring alien electronics futuristic enough to send you straight to space. ‘Tears In Your Voice’ is simply put, a stone-cold banger; with a hint of humour sprinkled on top for good measure. If you want to incite a riot and be at risk of being sued for whiplash, this will surely do the business.

The B side kicks off with ‘We Can Have It All’ an ultra-kinetic sound that mixes choppy breaks, soaring pads and Jai’s own signature keys, before the EP comes to a close with the unforgettable ‘Hold Love By The Hand’. Stuttering percussion and dense stabs float amongst cloud-like pads, moving effortlessly throughout a star-lit sky; a kaleidoscope of shifting emotions rushing back and forth bringing to close another deeply stirring record from a seriously talented producer.

A1. Coming Up Again

A2. Tears In Your Voice

B1. We Can Have It All

B2. Hold Love By The Hand