Imre Kiss - Overthrown


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Release Date: August 2016

Lobster Theremin finally welcome back one of the original LT fam, with Imre Kiss taking the reigns for a full on raw-power white label.

With two lucid and hazy releases for LT in his wake, plus an excellent contribution to the Proto Sites catalogue, Imre finally returns with a rough and overdriven in-the-dance EP of floor-crushing fire.

Never is an up-tempo late-night stomp from the night bus exit through dark estate alleys, dogs barking into the long night, soundtracked by percussive late night synth meddling and rumpeting drum patterns that shift and shake.

Taking a lower slung approach, Stateless is a hard-welded fusion of Detroit techno pads and 2-step bass heavy throbs. Absolute cracked-speaker material and one that wouldn't be out of place in a 2010 London basement.

Taking the flip-side solo, Untitled closes out the EP in destructive style, showcasing the heaviest and more crushing side of Imre's productions. The eerie caressing flanger sets the unnerving tone, slowly oscillating over crunched-up kicks. Another massive blown-out bass-line precedes a creepy vocal whisper and more mid-heavy percussive artefacts that crackle and snap a wavy, drifting pad that lingers it's way anonymously into the mix.

a1. Never

a2. Stateless

b1. Untitled