DJ Jubilee 1997 - Aerial Warmth


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Release Date: 10th December 2021

Whether it’s turning in steamy UKG and house through his alias as M4A4 or shelling out peak-time jungle as DJ Jubilee 1997; the Irish based DJ & producer is known for championing a variation of sounds all with the same attention to detail and magnified personality. The artist's music is always continuous, hitchhiking through eras and parts unknown; now delivering a four-track EP fueled by warehouse raves, neon lights and celestial beauty.

‘Dubgan’ raises its ominous head with rattling kick-drums and sharp percussion as tension and momentum builds with the addition of a deep, bottomless bassline and frightening stabs. ‘Intelligence’ then opens with curious melodies and anomalous patterns, slowly changing gears before a cascade of ineffable energy.

The flip sees a change in mood as ‘Soul Shift’ takes us on a trip through the neon lights of the bustling city, a seductive tension between the allure and dangers that rest ahead. The record comes to a close with ‘Orbital Jazz’ a futuristic cut, Its transcendental nature nestled between the stars, re-charging feelings of endless possibilities.

A1. Dubgan

A2. Intelligence

B1. Soul Shift

B2. Orbital Jazz