D3070 - Space Invader


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Release Date: 22nd October 2021

Hot on the heels of his doom-electro release on CYBERDOME, Italian producer D3070 readies his Lobster Theremin debut with five lairy cuts of end-of-the-world techno and electro. ‘Orbital’ is a simple, no frills track; uncompromising in-your-face energy meets melting acidic basslines on a 4x4 rhythm, before the noise breaks on ‘Space Invader’ and a mutated electro-step emerges out from a dark alleyway covered in slime.

Dubstep/footwork blends increase the velocity on ‘You Got Me’; new territory for the emerging producer and one that we can’t wait to see him explore more - before we come crashing back into the horror with a cut of downright frightening sound design on ‘Darkness’, it’s dusty lo-fi rhythm marching on fourth and into the fiery gates. ‘Artemis’ provides room to breathe as we awaken from our nightmare, getting our head above water before floating towards a kaleidoscope of tangled emotion.

A1. Orbital

A2. Space Invader

A3. You Got Me

B1. Darkness

B2. Artemis