Bakongo - 3 x 2 EP


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Availabel: 11th December 2020

Bakongo returns with his unique brand of UK rhythm tracks to Livity Sound for the '3 x 2' EP. Under his more familiar Roska alias, Wayne Goodlitt has been a stalwart of the underground London sound for well over a decade: helping both define the UK Funky genre and then carrying it forward, nurturing a new generation of producers and DJs along the way. With Bakongo, the focus is on a rawer, darker, precision tooled club tracks, irresistible for DJs and dancers alike, fusing house music with a raw sound system focus.

a1. Bakongo - Oww

a2. Bakongo - Grainy

b1. Bakongo - Tribal Warrior

b2. Bakongo - 3 x 2