Jah Lingua, Marcus Visionary, Liondub, Ranking Joe, Navigator, Aries - Junglist Sound / Meditation Time


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Hot on the heels of his last epic single, Navigator and an all-star cast of Jungle leaders strike again with the 'Junglist Sound' EP taken from his forthcoming debut solo album aptly entitled ‘Alignment’. This EP release is a consolidation of classic lyrics, beats and artists that have been assembled by virtue of their current relevance in Navigator’s reality.

Transforming real life into lyrics is Navigators musical forte, and this is very well demonstrated on "Chatty Mouth" featuring London hit-maker David Boomah, backed up with rolling beats and a melodic baseline from Liondub & Marcus Visionary. The original DJ veteran Ranking Joe cameos on the title track "Junglist Sound" allowing Navi to show his gratitude and pay homage to one of his inspirations from back in the good old days of the Jamaican/UK sound system era, when Navigator was a young up and coming MC. "Meditation Time" is another solid example of Navi's lyrical mastery supported by the classic breaks laden sound of Birmingham based Junglist producer extraordinaire Aries. Lastly, Navi's conscious messages and lyrical prowess are once again showcased to great effect with Miami's Bass Nacho on "Kingston 11," a previously released track smoothly re-translated by way of Potential Badboy’s slick, laid-back, jazzy production magic. So there you have it, the complete package, yet another serious example of songwriting, Reggae Junglist style, and modern day musical Jungle production at its finest that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. There is no doubt that this release will make a serious impact on dance floors and radio alike, so please feel free to enjoy it at your leisure, for your ultimate listening pleasure.

Don’t forget, keep your eyes peeled for the EP remixes dropping in September with heavy hitting dance floor bangers all courtesy of Liondub-ODTmuzik.

a1. Junglist Sound featuring Ranking Joe

a2. Meditation Time featuring Jah Lingua (Aries Remix)

b1. Kingston 11 featuring Bass nacho (Potential Badboy Remix)

b2. Chatty Mouth featuring David Boomah