DJ Overdose - Hero's Gone Mental


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A1-Brain vs Heart : DJ Overdose kicks off with a quirky little number that has a shaky wobble groove. This has a very retro vibe in the way that the synth lead bleeps are crafted. These are accompanied by little nuances of sparkle filled artifacts that surround the main sounds to great effect. The beat work here is very immediate and has a great groove and presence. Stuttering kicks, snappy snares and tappy hats all combine to give a real sense of urgency to the track.

A2 – Hero’s Gone Mental :  The title track is one of a more laid back feeling as far as the groove and style of the track are concerned. The beats remind of early electro pieces in the crispness and simplicity in the way the patterns flow. Don’t let this put you off though because in the context of this tune it’s done to perfection. The soundscape here is like the revenge of the games console, with odd little synth noodles and noises that sound like your PS4 or XBone (Other consoles are available) conspiring against you. A well made track that has got a different vibe to the norm and is well worth your time.

B1 – Heax-Hrll : The flip starts with a very dramatic tune that really has a very dance floor focus. This again has the electro styling’s that Hashim would be proud of. Great use of tension in the atmosphere and the beats are really outstanding and forthright. The bass is a funky 80’s inspired roll out that really has a stamp of quality that oozes class. Also there is a smattering of wondrous subbass that rumbles and shakes the foundations of the piece. Be warned this tune has the potential of snapping your neck to the whiplash groove that it provides. Top stuff.

B2 – Trial of Tears :  The closing track takes into the slow and intense world of arcade noises and crunchy beats. The sounds here do have more of an angry feel, now this does not mean hard beyond the point of being audible, but they have a certain edge to them. Every sound has drama and stands out from the crowd so to speak. From the lead stabs that are played with ferocious precision, to the drip arp sound that coils around the lead like a digital snake. Metallic reverse noises accompany this and work really well with the other elements of the tune. The beats are very snappy and like what has gone before emote of the retrosonics of the early great days of the street sounds electro LP’s.

This is a fine EP that DJ Overdose has put together. For those of you who like your tunes have a cool retro flavor then this is a no brainer. To those who just want something different then the Hero’s Gone Mental EP is well worth your time and attention.

(Aural Imbalance Review)

a1. DJ Overdose - Brain vs. Heart

a2. DJ Overdose - Hero's Gone Mental

b1. DJ Overdose - Heax-Hrll

b2. DJ Overdose - Trail Of Tears