Cando - Clutch EP (Incl. Bakongo Remix)


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Release Date: 17th September 2021

Cando return to Le Chatroom to inaugurate the label’s first full length EP, backed with remixes by Bakongo and Kouslin and accompanying illustration and graphic design by Charlie Maclagan (AD93/Only Ruins/Shapework).

Since their debut on Livity Sound and subsequent appearances on Par Avion, Pressure Dome and Le Chatroom, Cando have been carefully refining their percussive bass heavy sound. The ‘Clutch’ EP is confident and distinct, from all-out slammers to warm and fuzzy synth excursions — the sound palette is diverse but has Cando written all over it.

The A side kicks off with a heavy percussive track inspired by Bristol Techno and the drumming of Carnival and street parties; ‘Clutch’ is a constantly evolving song with Cando’s signature drum fills announcing new percussive patterns that keep the listener on their toes throughout. 

Bakongo’s remix follows suit but swaps the swung and syncopated drums for a four-to-the-floor groove, reprogramming the drum flurries of the original into a more stripped back, repetitive and heavier track. 

On the flip side, Chad and Owen channel their more melodic sensibilities, first setting the pace for the B side with ‘14U (Drum Mix)’, a lush and spaced out track with bursts of drums that mature into a pulsing pattern. The percussion and synth sounds towards the end of ‘14U’ tease and provide for a seamless segue into the successive track ‘Ambivalence’.

'Ambivalence’ has a blissful and warm aura with strummed plucky synths, building arpeggios and textures which give the track a really organic feel. The drums and tight sub movement provide a strong foundation for the synth motifs and percussion to evolve, distort and crescendo throughout the track ending the EP on an optimistic high, hinting at better times to come.

Two extra tracks are included as Bandcamp exclusives, 14U (Dub Mix) which strips the percussion and drums back to a minimum and provides a more textural and synth heavy version; and a second remix of ‘Clutch’ by Le Chatroom boss Kouslin, with a tempo change inviting the listener or DJ to a slower pace of 100bpm — perfect for seamlessly transitioning mid-set.

Early support from Surgeon, Peverelist and Hodge.

a1. Cando - Clutch

a2. Cando - Clutch (Bakongo Remix)

b1. Cando - 14U (Drum Mix)

b2. Cando - Ambivalence