Urbano - 23


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Lanthan.audio, the German label founded by Christian Gerlach, now presents its fourth release with a double LP featuring Urbano. The Brazilian-born German-based artist delivers 10 tracks where he expands different facets of his production skills.

The LP contains several powerful Techno pieces to get lost in his hypnotic rhythms as in A2 ‘Illusion’. Urbano explores his rave-like sounds with industrial grooves in B1 and D2. C2 ‘Travel Inside Your Head’ brings your mind into an acidic and loopy ecstasy combined with atmospheric cuts. Besides, B2 and D1 are your proper bangs to pump up your stamina, while C3 ‘Brother’ will definitely take you through a landscape of melodic beats.

Nevertheless, the talented DJ and producer illustrates his deep synth sounds in A1 and A3. Together with C1, ‘A Trip To Myself’ are clear examples of intense ambient voyages with melancholic vocals.
Once more, Lanthan.audio introduces a fresh name to their steadily fortifying roster, which keeps growing up with determination.

a1. Forget Your Memories

a2. Illusion

a3. Never Ending

b1. Protect The Revolution

b2. Control Your Mind

c1. A Trip To Myself

c2. Travel Inside Your Head

c3. Brother

d1. Recommencement

d2. What Goes Around Comes Back Around