Alfredo Mazzilli - Nibiru w/ Iori Remix


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Label owner, Christian Gerlach recruited the young and very talented Alfredo Mazzilli, which already showed his skills with his latest releases on Edit Select Records or Planet Rhythm. In the EP, which is dedicated to the Babylonian gods, Alfredo takes us into worlds of sound that reminds us of a run through the jungle and arrivals at mighty temples.

Shamash opens the EP and prepares the mood for an ritual which is gonna to be celebrated. Wrong Assessment focuses the piece in its core, but in a deeper way and holds on to a heavy baseline. Ishtar reminiscent of an ceremony and the ep reaches its climax which is also continued in the Iori remix. The high­energy piece Marduck could be considered as an joyfully extract from this distant world.

With This Packet lanthan Audio combines the heavy architecture of old temples, but with an ease that welcomes the coming months with joyful anticipation.

A1.­ Shamash (Original Mix)

A2.­ Shamash (Wrong Assessment Remix)

B1. Ishtar

B2.­ Ishtar (Iori Remix)

B3. Marduk (Original Mix)