Sam Irl & Dusty - Twelve Inch Jams 004


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Release Date - 15th March 2019

Sometimes you produce a track with nothing but a dancefloor and a good sound system in mind. "Twelve Inch Jams" is offering you just that - strictly two A side tunes for the floor cut at 45 revolutions per minute. Jazz & Milk pays tribute to this classy release format with their new 12" vinyl series. Each record comes in a hand silk-screened printed and stamped sleeve!

The dreamteam of the highly successful first installment (JAMS001) teamed up again to share their love for raw and sample-based house music tunes produced on the MPC. Label artist Sam Irl and the man behind Jazz & Milk, Dusty never fail when it comes to layering colorful sample fragments and enriching them with raw beats and deep synthesizer chords.

"Broken Spell" starts off with a super moody atmosphere that slowly opens up until it reaches its energetic peak with bright synth stabs and a smooth bassline before colorful arpeggios are drifting the track into other spheres. "Love Prelude" has a rather dreamy vibe but its deep chord progressions and rough bass drums and claps create a truly unique contrast and a hypnotic atmosphere on top of it, while a later incoming bouncy bassline and dubby sample parts eventually pull you in cosmic dimensions!

a. Broken Spell

b. Love Prelude