Mura Masa - Soundtrack to a Death


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1 – Intro: Ok the album title might leave little bit to be desired but lets give it a chance. The opening track simply entitled Intro is a soft and warm embrace of niceness. Gentle delayed Rhodes esc sounds take the lead and are supported by an ambience of tropical birds in the background. The vocals in the track are for want of a better word are superb, well placed and smooth. The beats are a downtempo feeling with solid kicks and wood block hits. A rumbling bass holds the rest of the track up on its foundations and completes are very good tune.

2 – Know Me Better (Ft. Bonzai): Uplifting is the keyword with Know Me Better. The track has a kind of jazzy r&b vibe with organ stabs and a nice swing to the beats. The vocals provided by Bonzai add the chilled laid back summer party atmosphere. The vox samples have messed with in places with pitch adjustments to add some variety in the vocal area of the tune. The beats have a bounce like quality to them with crisp kicks, clicks and clap sounds.

3 - ¥ (Money): Money is a proper chilled affair with dripping synth sounds that roll and fall over themselves with wonderful style. The vocal samples work really well in their chipmunk style, normally the realm of cheeseville they seem to have credibility in this piece. The beats and bass snap nicely into place and have a real head-nodding feel to them.

4 – Suicide Babies: This track has a touch of the bonobo’s about it, with oriental shimmers of sound. The beats are snappy and have hip hop styling’s, proper neck snapping in their conception and roll in full effect with the rumbles that the sub bass provides. The vocal samples are once again placed to perfection and the varieties of snippets used really add overall depth to the track.

5 - ......Girl: Jaunty leg angles with this piece as we go into a crazy world of stutter based pianoism and synthesis. Original is what ...Girl is all about; with really in your face sounds that don’t have an offensive feel to them. In other words they are quite crazy, but in a structured way and not harsh on the ear. As with the previous ventures on the LP the beats as you would expect by now are clean and standout really well.

6 – Miss You: Summer Summer Summer ok I think that we get that this track has a summer feel and maybe not so suited to the winter months. Miss You has a proper kind of barbeque shades on feel, with noodled out synth rolls and retro 80’s keyboard styling’s that would be befitting of Paul Hardcastle or someone like that. The Miss You vocals are dotted through the track and utilize various samples to keep fresh. Solid beat work keeps the tune chugging along and your toes tapping away merrily.

7 – An Interlude: This piece is super laid back and has a nice depth to it. With piano rolls and reverses the details on the track are simply brilliant. The percussive elements are tight and have great spacing between each hit of drum sound, also the fills used are really well placed and feel complete in there design.

8 – Shibuya: Noodles from space in the beautiful Shibuya. The sounds used here are very ethereal but have a kind of sci-fi feeling as well. The synthesis used is brilliant and builds and drops to great effect. Its kind of like a liquid wonderland in its styling, and when the beats kick in the whole atmosphere is lifted up a notch. Attention to detail in how things are introduced in the track is again of real importance and real gives the track a stamp of quality.

9 – Lotus Eater: This track has a very eastern feel to it, which of course is slightly given away in the naming of the tune. Hypnotic flutes take the centre stage and clunky leads add a click snap vibe to the soundscape. The beat work is a more stripped back affair, with simple kick, snare and hat combinations that groove along at a sensible pace. The bass is a subsonic nedved rumbler that holds the tune in high regard above its wobbly squelchy layers.

10 – Hell: Hell sounds like a LA gang-banger street thing. You could definitely imagine a west coast rapper spitting lyrics to this backing track for sure. It has got a certain attitude about it; every element is more driven feel and stands out more, especially when compared with what has gone before. The beats have a more dirty quality to them and the bass shakes the pillars of hell with its substrata murmurings.

11 – Cloud Claps: This is a bit of light relief after literally going to hell on the previous track. This is a happier tune and has got a smile on its face. This is a more upbeat track tempo wise, with break beat samples mixed in with the drum machine sounds really adds a lift overall. The bass is a proper analogue parping buzzy noise that is very strong sounding and pronounced in the mix.

12 – Bae: Rolling chimes and radiator rattles are bolted together with piano and Hawaiian guitar vibes. The little squeaking sound that is in the background gives texture. The drums used drop with break samples that are simply cut but work well over the rest of the percussive elements on the tune. The sub bass again shuffles about in the background but rarely pops its head out to have a look at what else is happening around it.

13 – U: A very cool down chilled number that oozes quality. The lead sounds are smooth and the melody used is very heart warming in its execution. The mix of the track is superb with every tone and element having its own space to live and breathe. Little chime sounds and hits give a real special feeling and give a relaxation to the main part of the tune. The rhythm in the beats is so mellow, with reverbed finger clicks and wooden taps; proper AM business with this track.

14 – I’ve Never Felt So Good: The closing track on the LP really combines all of what has gone before. This has great percussive building blocks that host the main sounds and vocal performances. With piano leads and shuffling beats the track has a positive feeling throughout. If you like your slow and low vocal tracks then this is probably the one for you.

1. Mura Masa - Intro

2. Mura Masa - Know Me Better (ft. Bonzai)

3. Mura Masa - ¥ (Money)

4. Mura Masa - Suicide Blades

5. Mura Masa - ....Girl

6. Mura Masa - Miss You

7. Mura Masa - An Interlude

8. Mura Masa - Shibuya

9. Mura Masa - Lotus Eater

10. Mura Masa - Hell

11. Mura Masa - Cloud Claps

12. Mura Masa - Bae

13. Mura Masa - U

14. Mura Masa - I've Never Felt So Good