Luxus Varta - Rosenhan Experiment


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Following his stunning ‘Everything Is Nothing’ EP, which kicked off the Hubble Telescope Series for Solar One Music in 2015, Luxus Varta (aka Emeric Di Paolo) is back with a new four track EP for French label, Intramuros.

‘Rosenhan Experiment’ (named after David Rosenhan’s famous study to determine the validity of psychiatric diagnosis, published in 1973 under the title “On being sane in insane places”) takes us on another electro trip into the human mind with Paris The Black FU from Detroit Grand Pubahs once again making an appearance, on the track ‘Losquato’.

The EP opens with the wonderfully shimmering ‘Wenn’ before Luxus Varta makes striking use of his background as a drummer on ‘Lizzy’.  ‘Losquato’ is a playful addition with stripped back rhythms under Paris’ story telling that bemoans a man’s work frustrations and resulting mental state (“I gave up therapy about a month ago.  My therapist jumped out of a window”), while closer ‘Tempsun’ is almost melancholy in its measured minimalism.

Recommended for lovers of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt.


a1. Wenn

a2. Lizzy

b1. Losquato feat. Paris The Black FU

b2. Tempsun