Tom VR - Fast Track To Bliss EP


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Release Date: 5th February 2021

We asked Tom VR back to InterGraded for a solo EP and he came with the MELTERS. Behold the Fast Track to Bliss.

Tom VR has been quietly developing his style for over a decade under the surface. Recently his signature sound has flourished and resulted in a string of records on his own label Valby Rotary, and Midland’s Intergraded as well as his debut album on All My Thoughts; an electronica trip, laced with samples from films, podcasts and Japanese field recordings.

Tom’s musical vision, like many, was shaped by his time spent in Leeds, where he first started going to clubs and DJing regularly, coupled with a 7 year residency at The Mango Club in Chester.

The recycling of previously discarded projects, patchwork-style percussion, and Korg ARP Odyssey are defining elements of his sound.

a1. Tom VR - Fast Track To Bliss

a2. Tom VR - Club Forgiveness

b1. Tom VR - Ikquion Lovers

b2. Tom VR - VCF Freq