JK Flesh - Wasplike EP


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Released 15th June 2018

Coloured 12" with insert

Inner Surface Music is proud to present its next release from JK Flesh, Justin Broadrick needs no introduction fans of hardcore, metal and industrial music will know him from Napalm Death, Godflesh, Techno Animal, Jesu and Pale Sketcher to name a few.

‘Wasplike’ see´s Jk Flesh enter a new strain of his techno, the drums are both distorted and sculpted for the dance floor. Heavy and syncopated rhythms build tension while an elastic bass-line hovers and mutates around melodic washes. ‘Mindprison’ is a pummelling techno cut, sleazy grooves snake around the thudding kick drum and the greasy bass spreading across the dance floor like an uncontrollable oil spill. Dissonant chords and bell sequences modulate and enter us into a more tripped out dimension. ‘New Build Estate’ starts with pure tension the hats are fizzling and the low end is hammering, sharp mutilated synth sequences cavort to each others intention and lush pads enter us into the unapproachable splendour of empyrean . This is peak time rawness with real sophistication. ‘Dark Horse’ is the archetypal JK Flesh track. Slower in tempo than the others but as the name suggests this is a deeper cut but it still lacerates the speakers with the grungey bass-line weaving through the stomping overdriven kick and metallic percussion. The groove is undulating and as it flows it twists and turns before your eyes, while dark textures scrape around the walls in the distant echoes.

a1. Wasplike

a2. Mindprison

b1. New Build Estate

b2. Dark Horse