Ewa Justka - You Are Repeating Yourself Indeed EP [Coloured 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 29th March 2019

Inner Surface Music is proud to present the next release from Ewa Justka. Ewa Justka is one of the most exciting new experimental artists on the scene for the last few years. She has been paving the way with her unique take on techno, noise, experimental and power electronics. Not only satisfied with making music but also a designer and maker of excellent DIY synthesisers, effects and sequencers under her Optotronics company. 

‘Jelly Tits Everywhere’ kicks off proceedings with a contorted acidic workout, 303 baselines are wrapped around distorted, swung drums creating elasticated envelopes before the hardcore kick drum pummels us into submission at a frenetic tempo. ‘Oh How Edgy’ drops the tempo but retains the intensity this time Ewa´s approach strips everything back to the backbone of the groove creating a deeply hypnotic techno track that sucks you into a whirling vacuum. 

‘You Are Really Repeating Yourself Indeed (KRTM Remix)’ KRTM is another young artist who has been pushing his harder edge techno sound of the last two years. His remix does not disappoint he delivers a powerful version of ‘YARYI’ with a remix thats pushes both his love for hardcore and the Belgium rave sound. ‘You Are Repeating Yourself Indeed’ hyperactive and twitchy synth lines weave and play off each other in this twisted workout. Instantly drawing the listener closer as the track builds and builds to a monstrous crescendo of mutated acid.

a1. Ewa Justka - Jelly Tits Everywhere

a2. Ewa Justka - Oh How Edgy

b1. Ewa Justka - You Are Repeating Yourself Indeed (KRTM Ravemix)

b2. Ewa Justka - You Are Repeating Yourself Indeed