Sepia - Laid To Rest / Remember


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Released 29th April 2016

Moving on from the debut release on the label from Perverse, Bristol based Sepia brings his eclectic but richly produced minimalism to IFS002, a collection of contemplative, abstracted dubstep from the Bristol based producer. Having had his music supported by numerous figurehead artists around the globe, alongside releasing on labels such as Mindstep, Indigo Movement and the latest, on Joe Nice’s Gourmet Beats, Sepia makes his subsequent physical release on Infernal Sounds.

Title track Laid To Rest lays down a minimal, slow building introduction, fat, sound design within an ambient framework, jazzy guitar samples rest nicely along subtle stab of sub bass. The minimal sound design and slowly reverberating bassline, mixed in with fat, monolithic stabs and static atmospheric pads perfectly lays down the comedowny tone of IFS002.

Remember is the most conventional of the three tracks on the release, building on the chilling vibes with a mid-paced slab of healthy, upbeat zootskank, with almost tribalistic drum patterns rattling alongside a hooky, echo-ing mid paced LFO bassline, evoking an almost psychedelic vibe, laid back but perfectly movable, designed for front row madness.

Closing track Separation winds things down with it’s ambient, glitchy waves of reverberating subs into the mix, driven by shining ambient bass and synths and drifting alongside an abstrused drumbeat, communicating a contemplative, end of the night vibe, one to be pumped gently through the headphones to battle that post rave sadness.

Sepia continues in the tradition of many artists in 2016 and pushes the boundaries, not once breaking into worship or revival. He brings his trademark dreamy sound design, nestled within conventional Dubstep structure in an atmospheric context, laying down a varied, atypical sounding release, rewarding those extra spins on the table with beautifully mastered depth and listenability.

a. Sepia - Laid To Rest

b. Sepia - Remember