Perverse - IO / Aye Aye


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Released 22nd January 2016

After much anticipation Infernal Sounds finally bring their first musical offering to the table with a 2 tune vinyl and 3 tune digital release from the one and only Perverse. They're a fitting duo to honour the introductory release on the label, branching out from an already highly successful life on Youtube. With merch and even more news on the way, it's fitting this release sees the light of day now with a release just into the new year planned, so get saving those pennies.

Side A 'IO' starts with an airy intro with light highs and snares dancing around an atmospheric flutter. It builds brilliantly to a rigorous roller, with surging bass lines and a continued medley of interestingly arranged drums. With complex joints between growling notes, this tune does not disappoint and gets the release off to a fantastic start. On side B 'Aye Aye',  a weightier track with a slightly more stomping element against the first tune's rolling atmosphere. The highs in this tune are perfection, dancing around the bass lines creating a really tangled but organised collection of sounds around a rigid bass line. The minimalistic notes in the later bars only add to the rising vibes of this tune, concluding the tunes included on the vinyl.

a. Perverse - IO

b. Perverse - Aye Aye