Jon Sable - Second Avenue EP


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Available: 11th August 2021

Down the long driveway at the end of Second Avenue is a single story abode perched on a cliff overlooking the water. The timber constructed house built in the 1950s, is surrounded by native pohutukawa trees whose bright red coloured flowers are mimic'ed by the window frames and detailing of the exterior. As you walk down the narrow path along the side of the property, you can peer into the studio and catch a glance of an older man working away at his desk. Surrounded by books, records and CDs he will be drafting plans by hand for his next project. Continue along the path and reach the edge of the cliff — watch your step as you go down the decaying staircase and arrive at a small landing lapping in the waves of the harbour.  

This record is dedicated to my grandfather Jack and the house he built.

A1.All Night, All Right!

B1. Shoplifters

B2.Shifting Sounds