Asusu - Trephine


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Released 20th November 2015

Asusu gathers three imposing new tracks for the second release on his newly minted label, Impasse.

Impasse debuted early in 2015 with a four track EP, Serra. A combination of broken techno and beatless pieces, it showcased a new side of the Livity Sound member’s palette. Followng a similar format, the second release on Impasse sees Asusu match hard edged techno with fluid, dark tinted arrhythmic pieces.

The A-side, Trephine, fuses glancing synths and burred edges, rough-neck techstep flexing over an electro framework. Dualism and M39 eschew functional norms, moving through turns of bristling, shimmering textures and frenetic activity.

Design by Alex Digard for Tape Echo.

a1. Asusu - Trephine

b1. Asusu - Dualism

b2. Asusu - M39