Agressor Bunx - Ignescent 004 Ltd


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Released 16th September 2016

Agressor Bunx have been setting the standard recently. Whether it's on seminal drum & bass imprint Ram Records, or the underground torch holder Eatbrain, they've settled themselves within the discography of every major label running the game. And they're about to return with four fresh cuts which bring some serious heat, once again platforming the cut throat sound which has made them so infamous. 'The Curse' EP, out on innovative imprint Ignescent Records, stands as both a pivotal release for both artist and label. Founded in 2015, they're beginning to push their way into a league with the heavyweights and with the help of Agressor Bunx, it's not difficult to see why. Already making their mark with Ukrainian underground figures such as NickBee, Ignescent have slowly been refining their sound; this next title proves their stature. Title-track 'The Curse' throws you synapses first through a wormhole of fury, featuring a soundtrack of mean bass and crispy drums. With a hook that grabs you on first listen, it accelerates during the intro before allowing you to freefall through constructed chaos. Dirty, dark and filled with neurofunk vibes, it exposes a production standard which has ensured their notoriety. Next up, 'Scream' shadows the same pattern, cranking up the gears and taking you into even shadier depths. However, instead throwing out an incessant hook, its thrashing drum patterns drag you through an arrangement heightened by each break. Agressor Bunx punches through to your musical receptors, taking them hostage and leaving you unable to escape their grasp. Reminiscing on the older times, 'Deja vu' follows suit. Steeped in jungle-esque breakdowns, it's different from the vast range of production they've showcased. With precise form, they hit again and again with seismic results. Growling reeses pedal you even further into the fire, letting their deadly intentions take hold. And finally, comes 'Overwatch'.. Its stabs and blaring subs stand out clearly, gradually building a foundation of infallible weight. They revert yet again to a style which reciprocates the old school, showing that despite their contemporary reign over neuro, they're also well read on their history. It's this background which has enabled them to surge forward, a movement which isn't looking to be stopped anytime soon.

a1. The Curse

a2. Scream

b1. Deja Vu

b2. Overwatch