Kornél Kovács / Gavri & Mcqueen / Longhair - Gemišt Part I


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Release Date: 9th February 2018

It’s the big 5! Berlin – Frankfurt based label House Is OK is celebrating its five-year long presence and has decided to mark that period with something special Label’s story started with a sticker Homeboy printed in his former hometown, Zagreb, saying “House Is OK”. Catchy, right? It became an underground slogan of the local scene. It didn’t take long for people to embrace the idea stating that it’s OK to be into melodic, fresh, groovy yet, at times, a bit awkward dance music. Just around the same time Homeboy’s Frankfurt based bro’s Oliver Achatz and Janis played with the idea of starting a record label. Guess what the logical choice for the name was? Ten records, dozens of original songs and remixes later House is OK continues to grow. Literally. What was once a platform for the original three founders is now an international family affair supporting the talented artists from Frankfurt, Stockholm, Alexandria and Orlando. Nurturing the friendly approach this musical family continues to grow. Looking back at the first five years, not only at the music that connected them all but at the bonds that deepened through the production process, House is OK crew wanted to take create a proper reminder and thank the ones supporting them throughout the years. A double 12” pack titled “Gemišt” seemed like a proper way to do that. „Gemišt“ will be released as two separate EPs featuring the original music from Kornél Kovacs, Roman Flügel, Gavri & McQueen, TCB, House Of Life and the label makers themselves. Oliver and Janis deliver tracks under their known names, while Homeboy introduces his new project with fellow Wilde Renate resident The Swift, called Longhair. Croatian artist Ugruv Smek marks his yearlong collaboration with the label delivering yet another smashing artwork. Mark the upcoming February when “Gemišt part

a1. Kornél Kovács - House Is OK

a2. Gavri & McQueen - Dead Sea

b1. Longhair - Coco Loco

b2. Janis - Floating