Voyage & Horrific James - Theory 16 // Voyage - Project 998


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Released 2nd September 2016

‘Theory 16’

Horrific James and Voyage‘s Theory 16 with it’s dark-tech-step amen sound is not for the faint hearted, a re-work of an early work by them in 2002 is brought up to speed with this modern 2016 take. It is a track laced full of old school samples and processed drum breaks throughout.

‘Project 998’

Deep and Jazzy project 998 brings us closer to a classic metal head 96 sound. A deep Jazz sound is captured here on wax. Hypnotic and mysterious Rhodes stabs combine with a clean sax sound that locks you in. The breakdown with its stepping mid 90’s Speed style rhythm comes in smoothly with occasional break edits that drop in and drop out. This track is pure class, superb production of the highest grade.

a. Voyage & Horrific James - Theory 16

b. Voyage - Project 998