Flava, Sicknote & Horrific James - Music Makes Us One / Flash Backz


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Released 22nd December 2017

Horrific continues to lead the way with our tenth release. The world’s first millennial VINYL ONLY D&B label! This release contains x1 Vinyl 12" in full colour disco jacket sleeve (no holes). Consisting of brand new art works on the front and back cover: created especially from Horrific Studio's East London HQ. On the front, Jessop continues his living colourful/burner 'Subway Fiction series', a fresh fantasy graffiti train rolling through the Bronx... 'Flash Backz' in full wild style, on a so called 'clean train' for graffiti crazy D&B vinyl heads out there.

Flip the cover - monumental & dangerous full bleed drawing by Flava. Horrific recordings setting the trend, with producers creating the art works aswell as beats!!! A 'Serpent' injecting a visual venom to your mind. Both sides of the label on this 12" are hand drawn & designed by Flava.

Side a. 'Music Makes Us One' Flava & Sicknote
Klute played it at the re-opening of FABRIC super set slammer, knocking the dance floor into a 720o spin. Since then, Flava's been blowing up mega hit after hit - example - her massive 2017 vinyl release on Commercial Suicide (Cat 092) 'The Test' & 'From The East'.
Mackie master Sicknote punching sound shock waves (like Mike Tyson), yes! Straight to your chest. From its 1st play at LAUNCH over at Bloc E3 on 10" steel plate its the champion tune of 2017.

Side aa. 'Flash Backz' Sicknote & Horrific James
'Dreamscape its six oclock in the morning' MC Conrad 1992 .
Titled Flash Backz after the lads went vinyl shopping at Flash Backz Vinyl store on Bethnal Green Road and took the shopping bag straight to the Emu Sampler the same evening.
Cut at 168pm, pitches in to mix nicely on your Technics direct drive turntable to smooth groove with any era of Hardcore-Jungle-Drum & Bass!!! 1992-2017 no problem, 25 years riddim track right here, all angles covered, no BPM retro tune mix snookering, yes it mixes any era guaranteed either side of your 'green light'.For all you vinyl DJs #pitchriding. The return of post post Hardcore Hardcore Junglism / Darkrider heads will be feeling this one. Following 2017s Jungle revival, 2018s tipped to be the year of the Hardcore sound revival (we got in early).

a. Flava & Sicknote - Music Makes Us One

b. Horrific James & Sicknote - Flash Backz