Digital, J.Bionic & Horrific James - Hellraiser / Gardenia


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DIGITAL with J.Bionic & Horrific James

Digital (the man from Ipswich - FUNCTION/METALHEADZ...1995/2015...), the, ‘Godfather’ of D&B engineered this epic dance floor smasher at his legendary studio, which can only be described as ‘Mission Control’. HELLRAISER became an instant dance floor hit on its dubplate debut, when it went off ‘Proper Naughty’ during the mighty DJ Storm’s set at METALHEADZ Vs EXIT night last November. Written at Horrific Studio’s, London by J.Bionic & Horrific James, a car trip over to Ipswich for an all-nighter, & fitted with one of Digital’s super ‘turbo boost’ junglistic amens. ‘Terminator’ style uplifting intro pad’s & ‘Bell Tune’ flavour triangle loops, bass to make you boogie & bleeps to make you shake; HELLRAISER has arrived!!!


J.Bionic & Horrific James

First teaming up in May 2014, the two London lads have been working together as a duo ever since. Producing D&B between their studios at Muswell Hill & Hackney Wick. With 12” forthcoming in 2016 on FRESH 86, this is the first taste of good smooth vibes to come. With a blissful vocal sample ‘Girl alright... oh no’, Gardenia is an anthem for the summer 2015 ravers. Pure positive uplifting grooves straight to the garden of your mind. Mastered at an attended Ten Eight Seven cut by Beau of the legendary 1990s D&B outfit ‘INTENSE’.

a. Digital with J.Bionic & Horrific James - Hellraiser

b. J.Bionic & Horrific James - Gardenia