Positive Centre - Forever Optimum (Clear Vinyl) [2 x 12" LP]


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Release Date - 30th November 2018

After making his initial mark with a grinding fog of slowed Techno on Sigha’s Our Circula Sound label, Michael Jefford aka Positive Centre has traversed the electronic BPM scale with a sonic signature of ghostly synthetics that make the switch between industrial aesthetics and illusory sound-scaping.

Within this nucleus, Jefford’s recorded history as a Live Performing Artist, DJ and Producer has always reflected what at once can be microscopic, whilst still being the largest object in view. Each track on Forever Optimum sets a different location and perspective on an active set of mechanics - like watching fragments in motion, reacting to different forces.

Having previously released for a range of Techno’s more adventurous labels including SNTS, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Opal Tapes and not forgetting his own In Silent Series label. Positive Centre’s 3rd Album ‘Forever Optimum’ stands as a beautiful anomaly in the 2018 HORO catalogue. Continuing the point of the HORO label: being open to the beguiling musical arcs that keep us redefining our sound.

a1. Positive Centre - Hydrostatic Pressure

a2. Positive Centre - Kondakovia

a3. Positive Centre - Glass Teeth

b1. Positive Centre - Exhibit Structures

b2. Positive Centre - Forever Optimum

b3. Positive Centre - Ossified Cobalt

c1. Positive Centre - Cold Seeps

c2. Positive Centre - The Pincer Meeting

c3. Positive Centre - Sedentary Echo

c4. Positive Centre - Hatchet Chimera

d1. Positive Centre - Manganese Scales

d2. Positive Centre - Ostracod

d3. Positive Centre - Conical Photophore