Nastika - Black Sun


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Release Date - 9th November 2018

Formerly releasing exclusively for Pact Infernal's label Altar, one half of Pact Infernal steps forward as Nastika with the Black Sun EP. Nastika takes the fright to the floor in a more direct fashion than his work with Pact. Sinuous, eastern tinged waves wash over percussive stomps on 'Yajna' and 'Sati', while the matching Black Sun tunes mark out a unique stylistic territory somewhere between Techno and mysticism. With Black Sun, Nastika further refines his crucial musical accompaniment to the indelible works of Pact Infernal.

a1. Nastika - Yajna

a2. Nastika - Black Sun In East

b1. Nastika - Sati

b2. Nastika - Black Sun In West