Kwartz - Body Sedation (Mini LP Black 12" Vinyl)


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Released 22nd June 2018

Black 12" Vinyl Version

Forging a distinctive sound in todays crowded Techno landscape is no easy task. Madrid based Mario Campos aka Kwartz has grown his robust, propulsive sound into one of the most interesting and vital strains of modern Techno. After notable releases for Mord, Warm Up, Pole Recordings, and his own label ‘Order & Devotion’, we are excited to present a 6 track Kwartz offering for Horo.

Purists will have their desires satiated with the driving, undulating title track and dancefloor favourite ’Altered States Of Consciousness’ while the rest of the EP sees Mario take his style into exploration mode. ‘Beyond Belief’ functions as an emotive centre point to the releases’ varied moods, while the off kilter static of ‘Over A Sign Recognition’ and the writhing bounce of ‘Recoil’ and ’Frame Dislocation’ complete the carefully sculpted form of the release.

‘Body Sedation’ works in a listening environment as well as it does on an open minded dance floor, and we can confidently say, it’s built to last.

a1. Over A Sign Recognition

a2. Body Sedation

a3. Frame Dislocation

b1. Beyond Belief

b2. Recoil

b3. Altered States Of Consciousness