Release & T>I - Make Me Feel


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Release Date - 21st December 2018

A1: 'King Stays' A track that has been supported up and down, from Calibre to DJ Hype, this is one of the rare drum and bass cross spectrum of tracks. Release and T>I draw on both their strengths combining a minimal stripped back approach, whilst creating a bouncy and infectious funk, underpinned with deep subs and flashes of well know breaks. This is a track set to be a landmark in both producers back catalogues.

B1: 'Make me Feel' A fine balance of musical vibes and a deep underpinning rhythm. Release draws on driving drums and both synthesized and live bass hits to fill the body of the track. Musical samples and well placed FX come together perfectly to give this track a classic light and dark vibe, typical of Release's style.

B2 :'Giving Up' Pulling together classic vocals, rave samples and growly bass stabs, all working in harmony with a well know drum break, this track chops and pumps in all the right places, whilst giving away hints of nostalgia. This one is made for the floor.

a1. T>I & Release - King Stays

b1. Release - Make Me Feel

b2. Release - Giving Up