Naibu ft. Key - Just Like You / Play With Fire (Ulrich Schnauss / Naibu Remixes)


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Shipping for - 23rd November 2018

2 brandnew takes on original tracks from Naibu’s Fall project which was released on Horizons as a limited 3 x 10” series and CD. We are honoured to have the legend that is Ulrich Schnauss, who is a fan of the label and also Naibu’s work retouch what was such a masterful original, and Ulrich’s reinterpretation really is a delightful listen. On the flip Naibu handpicked this track as it’s one that has been well received when he play’s out, this one just rolls..

a1. Naibu - Just Like You (Ulrich Schnauss Ethereal 77 Remix)

b1. Naibu - Play With Fire (Naibu's Autumn Mix)