Holotype Audio presents the Bruiserville EP


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Released 25th October 2019

Absolute carnage on this release, kicking off with a mighty bang as Triple Sickz face off against Raw Science resulting in the aptly titled 'Bruiserville'. A serene intro with rolling breaks builds up using lush, soaring pads before breaking down to the drop: chunky stabs pave the way for a wall of drums and bass to swing through like an out of control wrecking ball to completely annihilate any dancefloor......No prisoners.

Brand new signing DC-N5S from Virginia, USA comes correct with the 2004 horseman vibes of the big nasty stepper 'Emitter', causing seizures with its incessant mentasm stab and stop-start drum patterns to keep you on your toes.

Closing things off on the flip, Grief brings the pain with the pure cyberpunk robo-funk of 'Bishop'. Drawing on the classic tech-step sound of the late 90s, this one could be a soundtrack to a dark future anime short; rich in atmosphere, weighty in beats and oozing class through every bar, this is an epic piece of music rounding off a punchy, nasty slice of wax.

a1. Triple Sickz v Raw Science - Bruiserville

a2. DC-N5S - Emitter

aa. Grief - Bishop