Etch - Synapse Cluster / Labyrinthian Contours [Ltd Clear 7" Vinyl]


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Released 19th May 2017

Welcome to Gully Records' second miscreant missive. Brighton-based badman ETCH stepping up and coming incorrect with the chopped beats to make you screw. To be released on clear hand-numbered 7” vinyl as was deemed appropriate. 'Synapse Cluster' is a proper slo-mo headbanger for the downtempo grunge-hop fan. Deadly dankness. 'Labyrinthian Contours' takes you on a journey of 3 stages. During the 3rd - time is reinvented. Natch. This 7” single is a beautiful piece of work incorporating psychedelic art and cosmic numerology. Look out for his full length double vinyl release on Gully later this year.

a1. Synapse Cluster

b1. Labyrinthian Contours

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