Da Poet - Beat Tape 2 (feat. Gantz)


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Released 21st April 2017

In his second volume of the Beat Tape series, Istanbul based acclaimed beat-maker Da Poet works his hip hop magic with 14 killer tracks. The album features collaborative beats of Gantz, Grup Ses, Ahu, Gokalp K, OtherMan and Ince Sarj.

a1. Donmek Yok 03:16

a2. Time Travellin 03:06

a3. Rules (ft Gantz) 02:37

a4. Fly Over Palestine 03:09

a5. Somewhere In Asia 02:25

a6. Bad Region 02:28

a7. Dig The Roots (ft Gokalp K) 02:50

b1. Current Mood 02:15

b2. Desert Or Dessert (ft Ince Sarj) 02:08

b3. Harp In Heart 02:59

b4. Chords 02:50

b5. Plak ft Grup Ses 02:15

b6. Gimme Ma Money (ft OtherMan) 02:53

b7. Treasure (ft Ahu) 03:41

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